A little bit about me

First off, this is a sweet business I’ve found myself in. I’m doing what I like and I’m pretty damn good at it, too. Oh, and before I go too far, fear not, I’m a shade less cocky in real life. I give the ego a bit more leeway when I’m filling out personal bios and loan applications. As I puff out my chest, I’ll admit, there’s definitely some luck that’s gone into this. Sure, I’ve worked to hone the craft over the years; but, man, there’s something about how this brain of mine works that can find some unique perspective in the seemingly ordinary. Some have called this a ‘bent’. Whether that’s an insult or not is also a matter of perspective – but, hey, it works.

I used to be an Account guy, too – a fact that has dropped many o’ jaw in the past. Not only did this give me a well-rounded understanding of how the machine works, it also gave me access to the captive audience of the ‘all-staff email’. Still, a go-to media vehicle of choice for a healthy dose of laughs and head-shakes.

Somewhat related to that, I like what I do and I like to have a good time doing it. This is an industry that’s chock full of interesting, fun and borderline-insane characters. (Some might include me in two, maybe three, of those descriptors). Might as well enjoy the show, right?